Michael Rubens is an Assistant Professor of Economics at UCLA. He works in the fields of industrial organization and labor economics.

His research agenda focuses on market power in vertical relations, and aims to better understand the drivers and consequences of buyer power.

Curriculum Vitae

Working Papers

(4) Colluding Against Workers (with Vincent Delabastita)

September 2023 – Revise & resubmit, Journal of Political Economy

(3) Oligopsony Power and Factor-Biased Technology Adoption

January 2023 


(2) Market Structure, Oligopsony Power, and Productivity

September 2023 – American Economic Review, 113(9) pp. 2382-2410

Online Appendix  » Replication Package

(1) Management, Productivity, and Technology Choices: Evidence from U.S. Mining Schools

March 2023 – RAND Journal of Economics, 54(1), pp. 165-186

Online Appendix » Replication Package

In Progress

Welfare Effects of Buyer and Seller Power (with Mert Demirer and Antonio Martner Sota)

Exploiting or Augmenting Labor? (with Yingjie Wu and Mingzhi Xu)